Top Ways to Revive Old Content

When creating content or posts for WordPress, it’s common to think of this as something you do once and then forget. This is how a blog is different from a website – we think of blogs as being in constant flux and being constantly updated with new content. Often blogs deal with news, or they recount things that are new in our lives and as such, the content will very quickly expire and become old news.

But that is the wrong way to think about your content. After all, you’ve probably spend a long time working on your posts and as such, you should do what you can to maximize their impact! This is especially rewarding when you do it for the posts you created when you first started blogging – as chances are that they won’t have had many hits at the time. But more to the point, reviving and remarketing your old content gives you many, many more opportunities to bring new traffic to your site and to profit. Read on and we’ll see how you can re-use posts you worked on in the past and reap the benefits.

Make Your Content ‘Evergreen’


The first and most important tip is to try and think about the possibility of re-using old content in the future. To do this, you need to create at least some content that can be classed as ‘evergreen’. This means that the content isn’t news and isn’t dependent on something that just happened.

For example:

The UK to Leave the European Union!

Is not evergreen because it’s something that will very quickly become ‘old news’.

However, a post called:

16 Things You Didn’t Know About Building Muscle

Will be relevant for years and years!

Fix Your Old Content

Whether your old content is evergreen or not, you should try to make a habit of occasionally going back to fix it. With the best will in the world, your writing is probably better now than it was 10 years ago. Likewise, you have probably learned new things and you might have discovered that some things you used to think were fact are actually incorrect.

That means you can probably head back and make some corrections to your old content. Likewise, just reading over old posts occasionally might help you to recognize that you made some typos. Just going back to occasionally fix these things will ensure that your content really sparkles and stays your very best.

What’s more, is that editing your content is good for your SEO. Google will see that the page has been edited recently and this will mean that it is more likely to be up-to-date and you are more likely to be the sort of blogger that cares about accuracy and staying current. That’s all good for your ranking!


Share Old Content

If you are a good blogger, then you will probably have a process that you use every time you create a new post. That probably involves visiting social bookmarking sites to share your content, or it means posting to your own Facebook page.

Either way, this is something you can occasionally do with old content. If you wrote something 2 years ago, then there’s a chance that a big proportion of your active followers haven’t seen it before. Thus, you can attract just as many new visitors and get just as many clicks and subscribers by sharing that content as you can by sharing anything else.

This is something that Tim Ferriss does regularly and it’s a brilliant way to drastically increase the amount of value you have to offer. If you’re unsure about doing this, then just make a small alteration and then claim the post is ‘updated’ and that’s why you’re sharing it. You can also find automated tools to help you do this.

You can even do the same thing with old photos on Instagram or Facebook if your social media has been quiet for a while. Just call it a ‘flashback’!


Link to Old Content

Another thing you can do is just to link to your old content. Most bloggers will occasionally revisit their older subjects and write about things more than once – so why not refer to your old posts when you do that? This is a good way to reinvigorate interest in that older content and to get more engagement and help people read your site for longer.

The same also goes for guest posts. If you’re guest posting on another blog, then link to a relevant old post on your site and you’ll be able to get a lot more traffic for that. This is also great for your SEO because it will mean you have a directly relevant link coming into one of your pages.

Random/Popular Posts


Another way to get people to look at your older posts is just to feature them on your site. You can do this by having a section dedicated to your older posts, or your favorite posts.

There are a lot of different plugins that enable you to do this relatively easily. While some are widgets that will randomly show different posts from your site, others will show relevant posts down the bottom, or let you curate your own list of the most popular articles on your site. That way, people will be able to find the things that you want them to and they’ll be able to get random slices of the past from your site.

It might also be a good idea to have some kind of index or archive for your old content. At the very least, you should have a search utility that will allow people to find specific content on your site that they’re looking for.


Using all of these different techniques, you should find that people are able to enjoy your old content and that those old posts are able to keep bringing in new visitors and more revenue. Don’t let all that old work go to waste!