Tips for New Bloggers

If you’re starting a new blog, then you’re in for a great ride. Blogging is a highly rewarding job and it’s something that only becomes more rewarding as you put the time in. Like all good things in like, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

But that isn’t to say that blogging isn’t going to be difficult and it isn’t to say you won’t find challenges along the way. In fact, you can absolutely guarantee that there will be obstacles at nearly every step of the way and you’ll need to be smart and vigilant to carry on regardless.


These tips will help you to keep going when the gig gets tough and they’ll help you to have more of those ‘win’ days and fewer of those stressful days where you don’t seem to be making any progress…

Be Consistent

It’s not enough to post twenty new posts in one afternoon and then to wait two months before posting again. If you do that, then you won’t build up a consistent following and your visitors won’t have an incentive to keep coming back.

Instead then, make sure that you keep your posts regular. If you post every Tuesday for instance, then try not to miss that deadline as far as possible. One good way you can do this is to ‘schedule’ your posts. This means writing a bunch in one go and then queueing them up so that they’ll be delivered each day at a set time. This way, if something comes up on the Tuesday and you don’t get to post, you’ll have a backup!

It’s also a good idea to be consistent in terms of the nature of your content. That means you need to stick with the same niche and not keep veering all over the place. Again, consistency is what’s going to make people want to keep coming back!

Have a Plan

It’s a good idea to have a long-term plan wherever possible. This means you need to know where you hope to go with your blog and how you’re going to grow it. What do you aim to have achieved by one week’s time? Two months? Three years? How are you going to get there?

If you keep doing what you’ve always done and consistently just post and share good content, then over time you are going to be able to grow your following.


But much better is to think about how you can gradually gain exposure through influencer marketing, or how you can build up a YouTube channel in order to work with person X, Y or Z. This is something that every business does and that goes for blogging too!

Treat Your Blogging Like a Job

When you first start blogging, there’s a good chance that you’re going to see it as a hobby. That’s all good and well and to begin with it probably will be your hobby. But if you’re going to make this into something more, then you also need to treat it like a job.

That means you need to put the hours in if you hope to get something out of it and it means that you need to talk about your blog confidently when you’re in company.

Many people will initially get into blogging because they are under the false impression that it’s going to somehow be easier than other jobs and that it will essentially provide them with some kind of ‘get rich quick’ scheme. As such, they begin writing and posting and then become very frustrated when they don’t immediately start to see results. But if you’re spending just an hour an evening working on your blog, then you can’t expect it to become your full time pay.

If you want your blog to earn a full time living, then you need to work something approximating full time! At least to begin with.

Likewise, you also need to treat your blog like a business in the way you talk about it. Carry cards with you and post it to Facebook. Tell people when you meet them. Some people make the mistake of essentially hiding the fact that they blog from friends because they’re embarrassed. But if you’re too shy to tell your friends, what chance do you stand of promoting your blog elsewhere?


You know the old expression: ‘it ain’t what you know’? Well that goes double when it comes to blogging. Influencer marketing is one of the very most powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to increasing your exposure and helping more people to find you. But the very best way to get people to share your content or to work with you is to actually meet them in person.


When you start reaching out and talking to your community, you will be better known and you will gain powerful contacts and allies to help you grow your business.

LinkedIn is a great tool for doing this and can help you to meet the right people. But you know the best tool of all? Meeting in real life – go to those networking events you’re always hearing about!

Track Your Analytics

Finally, make sure you are tracking your analytics. You can’t know what’s working and what isn’t if you don’t pay attention to the numbers. How many people visited your page last week? Is that an increase or a decrease? What do you think caused it?


There are several ways to track your web stats. One is to set-up Jetpack for WordPress which will automatically give you an analytics plug in that you can use. Another is to set up Google Analytics which is actually the most advanced of the different analytics tools out there and can help you to get the most data.


All these tips will help you to make more progress with your blog and much more quickly start climbing the ranks. But the biggest tip? Just keep plugging away! Eventually you will land the right link somewhere, or gain the right exposure and that’s when things start to snowball…