How to Create an Amazing eBook to Sell From Your Site

If you’re looking for ways to monetize a website or blog, then you should definitely consider creating an ebook. This is one of the most ‘tried and tested’ ways to make money online and it’s a method that rarely fails. Read on and we’ll look at some of the reasons that making an ebook is such a good option and how you can go about doing it.


Why an Ebook?

First: what is an ebook?

Essentially, an ebook is a ‘digital product’. This means it’s a book but not one that you can hold in your hands and flick through. Instead, it will be saved as a file and in most cases that file is going to be a PDF. This PDF then allows buyers to read the contents on their phone, computer or eReader, or to print the PDF off if they want to.

So why choose this as a product? The simple answer is that ebooks offer a lot of potential profit for relatively little work and with minimum barrier to entry.

If you’re trying to make money from a website or blog, then creating a product is always going to be the best option. That’s because having a product means that you aren’t sending your visitors away for money (unlike an advert that pays you each time you lose a visitor). Think about it: if people are willing to pay for your visitors, then this tells you that they must be able to make more from your traffic than they are paying you. This then means that you’re no longer at the top of the food chain and you’re not earning the most in the sequence.

How are they making that money? Probably by selling something!

If they’re paying you 20cents each time someone clicks on one of their ads but they make $50 every time someone buys from them, this then means that they’re likely making profit from those clicks – especially if those adverts include the price of the book.


When you start doing the same then, you’ll see your earnings shoot up. And what’s more, is that you’ll be able to strengthen your brand awareness and your customer loyalty at the same time. You’re no longer sending visitors away – instead you’re keeping them engaged and actually getting them to get even more involved with your brand and even more committed to your mission statement.

As far as selling digital products goes, this is a great option because it reduces the barrier to entry, removes all overheads and upfront investment and is something anyone can do. If you try and make a physical product to sell from your site, then you’ll have to learn how to design a physical product, you’ll need to find a manufacturer and work with them and you’ll have to invest in your business idea by ordering thousands of copies of your item and then hoping they sell and you can make a profit. If they don’t sell? You go bankrupt. If you can’t find the money? You can’t begin the business. And even if things go well, you then have the huge hassle of having to store your inventory and ship it out each time you get an order.

With a digital product though, you can make what you need very easily – probably for free – and be selling it within the day. There’s no upfront cost, no risk and each time you make a sale, you’ll get to keep 100% of the profit!

What to Write About


Welcome to the blank page…

What you see before you is the stuff of nightmares for countless writers around the world and the biggest stumbling block for many content creators. The problem is coming up with what to say.

The other problem is knowing how to say it well and also how to go about physically creating your ebook.

Let’s start with the basics: what to write about.

While you can write about anything you like, it’s useful to note that some topics are going to be much better from a business perspective than others. In particular, it is a good idea to write about something that you know will be marketable. That means thinking about something you can encourage people to spend money on, which in turn normally means that it needs to make their lives better in some way. This is your ‘value proposition’ and it is what you’re going to use in order to make sell your book and make it sound like a great buy.7k

The old saying goes: people don’t buy hats, they buy warm heads.

In other words: what is it that your readers will take from your book?

The answer might be that they’ll be fitter, happier and more confident. Alternatively, it might mean they’re wealthier, feel more successful and are much less stressed. Or, it might mean that they have a hot partner and feel they can approach anyone in a bar.

6kThis is why ebooks on dating, making money online, investing, fitness and business are all so popular. All these subjects tap into something that people want and then help them to get it. This is what allows you to charge $30 or $50 instead of $5. No one ever paid $50 for a book about cats…

Of course you also need to think about the subjects you already know well and the niche of your blog.

Remember as well that people will only spend money on ebooks if they’re tech savvy – especially if you’re selling through your website as opposed to through Kindle. That means that you’ll do best to target the right demographic with your ebook, which will most likely mean young and active on the internet. Aim for the kind of person who already reads your blog as well and think about how you can market it before you invest the time and effort into writing it…

Coming up with the topic for your blog is perhaps the single most important step when it comes to ensuring that it will actually sell and that there will be an audience out there that wants to read it.

Writing Your Ebook

Once you’ve chosen your subject, the next step is to actually write your ebook. This is where it becomes important to think about your correct grammar, phrasing and structure. We’ve talked a little bit about how to write good content in a previous post, read that here. To summarise, good writing is:

  • All about getting your meaning across
  • Efficient with words
  • Precise in the use of vocabulary

If you’re not good at writing though? Then hire someone to do it for you. You can find writers who will write your content for on sites like Elance, UpWork, Freelancer and Fiverr. Likewise, you can find them on forums like Digital Point Forums and Warrior Forums. These are places where webmasters and marketers discuss online business and it’s thus a good place to find people offering various services and skills relevant to that business.


For a writer you can expect to pay anything from $1.50 per 100 words, to $5. An ebook should generally be at least 10,000 words, which means that you’re looking at spending from $150 to $500 on the process. Keep in mind though that you’ll usually get what you pay for – and this is a relatively small investment compared with what you might eventually earn from it.

Note that you’ll also need to add some other elements such as images throughout the book and a cover. This is something you can again either do yourself or outsource. Outsourcing will tend to result in a slightly better end product though unless you’re an expert – and a great cover can do a lot to help your book sell. is a great site for finding designs. Here, you only pay once you find a design you like the looks of.


There are other options here too. One is to create an ebook using old content from your blog. If your blog is somewhat episodic in nature and if it is ‘evergreen content’ (meaning that the content isn’t time-sensitive), then you can create a book by writing a forward and some exclusive content and then just putting it all together with a table of contents. This will work because in all likelihood, most of your visitors won’t read more than 5% of your blog and will have forgotten your old content.

Another option is to buy ‘PLR’ books. PLR stands for ‘Private Label Rights’ and essentially means you’re buying an ebook with the right to modify and sell it on. This means you can give it your own logo, take credit for it and then sell it from your site with no need to give any royalties to the creator of the book.

Formatting and Saving

In terms of formatting and creating the file, if you do decide to create your own ebook then it’s very much advisable to get yourself the latest version of Microsoft Word. Create a new document and you’ll be greeted with a blank page.


From here, you can then start typing and writing the book as you would do any document.

What will help though, is the options up the top ribbon. One the ‘Home’ tab for instance, you’ll find a selection of different fonts, colors and formatting options. Particularly useful here is the option to choose between ‘Normal’, ‘Heading 1’, ‘Heading 2’, ‘Title’ and ‘Quote’ etc. These will allow you to add some fancy formatting that will look much more professional.


What’s also very useful about this option, is that you can then use the references tab in order to automatically insert a new table of contents that will automatically use the headings to populate the various sections.

Likewise, if you look at the ‘Insert’ tab, you can use this to create page numbers, or to add additional information at the tops and bottoms of each of your pages.

Finally, use the ‘Design’ tab along the top to automatically change the way that all of these different elements look so that you have something unique to you. Combine this with different fonts and images and you can very easily create a book that looks just as good as anything you would buy in stores.


Be sure to include lots of these elements and to add lots of images and breakpoints in your text. This will make your book much more accessible for your readers and it will also make it much more professional looking for people who have spent good money on it!

Now all that’s left to do is to go to File > Save As and then make sure that you select ‘PDF’. This will mean that your file saves as a file that can be downloaded and read on a mobile device or computer but that can’t be edited.

Selling Your Ebook

Finally, all that’s left to do is actually sell your ebook!


To do this, you have several options. One is to set up a sales page, which you can do in WordPress and which you can do even better if you use a WordPress theme designed specifically for that purpose – such as Optimize Press. Another option is to set up a PayPal button on your site and simply email your book out to people who buy. Finally, you can create an ecommerce store and then sell your ebook that way.

You’ll also have plenty of other options to sell your ebook through other channels – for instance you can turn it into a physical, hardcopy and sell it through or through Another option is to try and get it onto the Kindle Store or the Google Play Store.

Better yet, you can use a site like JVZoo, Clickbank or Commission Junction in order to set up an affiliate program. This means you’ll split your profits with other marketers, which can actually be a very profitable and savvy way of monetizing your work because you’ll be able to sell so many more copies than before!