How to Combine Blogging and Affiliate Marketing for Big Bucks

Blogging is a great pastime and one that is highly rewarding and actually pretty fun. It’s a highly satisfying feeling knowing that people are out there reading your content and enjoying it and it’s equally a good feeling just looking at a beautifully made blog and knowing that you built that.

But it gets even more rewarding once you realize how you can earn money from your blog. Once you start doing that, you’ll essentially be getting paid to write about topics you love and if you’re good you may even be able to give up your day job. At the very least, blogging can bring in a very healthy side salary that will allow you to enjoy a few expensive meals and perhaps a holiday.

But the question is: what’s the best way to make money from a blog?

Welcome to ‘affiliate marketing’.

What is Affiliate Marketing?


If you’re an affiliate marketer, that essentially means you’re a salesman who gets commission on products. This is a business model we all know very well and if you’ve ever had someone come to your house and try to sell you a new TV or a vacuum cleaner, then you’ll be all too familiar with this concept. They make money by selling to you because the manufacturer gives them a commission.

If you’re an affiliate, then you’re doing the exact same thing online. The only difference is that what you’re doing is MUCH more profitable and FAR less soul destroying.

There are several reasons that being an affiliate marketer is a lot better than being a door-to-door salesman. For starters, the commission is far higher. Typically, you’ll earn up to 10% from a physical product and between 50-80% for a digital product!

Right away, that makes this very profitable but what’s even better is that you don’t need to walk from door to door. Instead, the customers come to you and you can reach all of the billions of people on the planet from the comfort of your home. And seeing as those people probably searched for the product you’re selling to get to you, that means they’re ready and willing to buy!


At the same time, you also have the option to sell literally anything you want to sell as an affiliate meaning you can find just whatever it is you think will help you to make your killing. Want to sell hats? Sure. Want to sell a book about making money? Easy. Sewing? Done! Want to sell dog grooming products? Simple.

What’s more, is that affiliate marketing is also much better than using other methods of making money through blogging. Again, that comes down to the fact that you’re keeping most of the profit – which isn’t the case if you use Google AdWords or another PPC platform. This is just like selling your own product – except you don’t have to take the risk of developing something that might not sell and you’re only losing 30%. When you make your own product, you’re essentially gambling that you’ll be able to find buyers for it and spending either a lot of time or money on the process. But when you sell affiliate products you can look at what is already selling and then just promote that!


And, unlike Google AdSense, you’re actually allowed to actively promote those key links in order to make the money. AdSense you’re not allowed to draw attention to, but if you’re an affiliate you can point out why people should click the link and explain what’s so great about it!

How it Works

So how does this work? Essentially, the process works using cookies. When you sign up as an affiliate, you’ll be given a link that you can use to direct your visitors to the checkout page. This will be a special link that will send those visitors via a redirect that will leave a cookie on their computer. In turn, that will tell the seller that you sent them. They lose a bit of money by giving you the profit but these are all additional sales that they wouldn’t have had otherwise – so they don’t mind!

Some of these schemes – such as Amazon’s scheme – are very generous in that they allow you to make money even if the buyer ends up getting something other than what you recommended!

To make this work, all you then need to do is to find a way to promote the products. You can do this in a blatant way by creating a sales page and using persuasive sales copy – but actually the better method is often to use more subtle approaches by just mentioning the products in your usual content, or by writing reviews of the products and being honest. If you include enough links, eventually some of them will work.

How to Find Affiliate Schemes

There are tons of affiliate programs around the web for bloggers to take part in and if you just search ‘Affiliate Program’ on Google, you’ll find no shortage of options popping up!

But there are also a number of well recognized platforms that are particularly good for affiliate programs that you can decide to use.

One is Swagbucks. This is a great option if your blog is about making money as it helps users to get money off of all kinds of things by taking out surveys etc. Recommend users to sign up and you can make a big profit. Be sure to check out our post on Swag Bucks for more information.

For physical products, the best option has to be Amazon. The commission is relatively low but the setup is great for users, there are lots of tools and you get to sell practically anything through a big, recognized company.


Finally, if it’s digital products you’re looking to sell along the lines of ebooks, courses, memberships, videos etc. then you should head over to one of the big affiliate networks. These include:

  • JVZoo
  • Clickbank
  • Commission Junction

Any of these will offer you commission up to 80% and there are tons of options to choose from, especially in the ‘make money’ niche!