What is Swagbucks?

If you’re a blogger, then chances are that you have at least a passing interest in making money online. Sure, some bloggers get into this because they’re more interested in creating something memorable for their users and enjoying writing about subjects they love. But there’s certainly no harm in making a little money online and especially when blogging gives you so many options to do so! And if you read our post on becoming a digital nomad, then you’ll see how working online and using ‘lifestyle design’ can allow you to enjoy true freedom and live the life you’ve always dreamed of… no really! Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme but it lets you work from home and generates passive income. Read our post on how much money bloggers make to find out how much you can expect to earn and who you should listen to/how you should go about it.

And this is where Swagbucks comes in – it’s a fantastic tool for making money online whether you’re a blogger or you’re just looking for a quick way to make a bit extra on the side. So read on and we’ll look at precisely what this tool is and how you can work it into your business model.


How it Works and What it Does

Swagbucks is essentially a tool that anyone can use to earn a little bit of money online. It’s certainly not going to turn you into a billionaire overnight but if you want to bring in a little extra income it’s a very valid option that makes life simple and easy.

All you need to do to get started is to visit www.swagbucks.com. Here, you’ll be given the opportunity to sign up and that only requires you to enter an email address and a password.


Once you’ve done this, you’ll now be given the opportunity to browse through a number of surveys, videos and other opportunities and watching these will earn you the titular ‘swagbucks’. This isn’t actual money but what you’ll be able to do with that, is to spend it in stores by loading up various different cards.

These include the likes of Amazon – which means you can buy practically anything, John Lewis, M&S and many, many more big-name brands. But the icing on the cake has to be PayPal. In case you’re not using it yet, PayPal has a card that you can now use to buy products in stores in a wide variety of different locations. Seeing as this makes PayPal pretty much just a debit card, that means that you can spend money in the real world with your Swagbucks too.

There are more additional benefits to Swagbucks as well. For one, you can get cashback when you shot in a number of different retailers. In other words, you spend money with them and you get SB in order to add to your account, meaning you’ll get more money off the next time. And you can still benefit from any of their own loyalty schemes!

Likewise, you’ll be able to find discounts for things that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to discover. SB gets access to a lot of special offers and deals long before other sites.

But the main way you earn through Swagbucks is still by using the various promotions. That includes searching with some specific search engines (which are powered by Yahoo!) as well as playing games, using apps and crucially filling out surveys.

And all this can add up quite quickly!


How is This Possible?

What you might be wondering at this point is how you can make money without spending anything. Why would companies be willing to give you SB for doing nothing?

The answer is depends on the scheme but generally it’s about promotion. Companies will pay for you to fill out surveys because they can use that information in order to make big money. Of course brands are willing to pay for market research and this way, you just get to keep a bit of the cut! Likewise, companies can use SB to convince you to shop with them, which means they’ll get a higher turnover, thereby mitigating the slightly lower profit margin. Sometimes you’ll be getting a cut of a commission scheme and in other cases, you’ll be getting paid to view ads or test software.

Whatever the case, this is a win/win situation and Swagbucks are quickly becoming a secondary currency for all manner of promotions online.

For Bloggers

So what does all this have to do with blogging?

Well for starters, this is an additional way for you to earn money online. If you’re interested in working for yourself and being an internet entrepreneur, then it only follows that you should set yourself up with a Swagbucks account and start making a little more on the side too. Best of all? It’s not taxable because it’s not actual cash!

But the real bonus for bloggers is that you can also get paid to recommend other people to sign up with Swagbucks. This is possible thanks to what is known as ‘affiliate marketing’. We’ve written a post on affiliate marketing already, so check that out if you want more information. Suffice to say though, that you can recommend people to use Swagbucks if you have a blog about money saving or working online, and this way, you’ll get paid every time they do.

And this is actually one of the best affiliate schemes out there. Why? Because your visitors don’t have to spend anything. In fact, they are earning money. That makes it much easier for you to encourage them to sign up because there’s no commitment, no risk and nothing to be lost on their part. But you still get paid the moment they sign up.

So certainly check out Swagbucks if you’re looking to earn more money online. And if you want to really maximize your income as a full-time blogger, consider adding this amazing affiliate scheme to your strategy. Find out more by visiting the site here.